Research Activities in 2018

University College Cork, Ireland (UCC) – Completion of PhD thesis – Entitled “Exploring ethnography and digital visualisation: a study of musical practice through the contextualisation of music related projects from the Seán Ó Riada Collection”

Budapest, Hungary – Paper Presentation – Digital Humanities Conference Budapest 2018 (Re-imagining Music Projects from the Seán Ó Riada Collection)

UCC – Paper Presentation (UCC Digital Arts and Humanities Colloquium)

Title: Curated and crunched: Living with data and a new kind of research environment for digital humanities and historical ethnomusicology 


In the digital humanities manifesto 2.0, the “waves” of digital humanities work are reported to have moved from being quantitative towards being more qualitative. It is stated that the second wave is “interpretive, experiential, emotive, generative” in character as new ways to conduct research are being re-combined and re-imagined.

This event will be focused on the ways in which a study that was conducted at UCC engaged deeply with aspects of both quantitative and qualitative approaches, producing unique challenges for how data is used in research.