Research Activities in 2013

Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland – Paper Presentation (Ethnomusicology in the Digital Age)


Changes in Research, Fieldwork-Institution—Repatriation Cycles and Public Domain Dissemination in Ethnomusicology
As the repatriation of fieldwork collections become more frequent in the digital age, methods of recording sound and the use of these materials in ethnomusicology are likely to change and have a greater impact on those who interact with them. Discussions about the potential for user driven, interactive and collaborative research has started to gain ground in recent years. Some outreach and repatriation projects have taken place both online and offline as content has been disseminated carefully from holdings of archives to specific cultural groups with legally sensitive digital materials. The emergence of digital tools to share previously inaccessible knowledge and empower individual users has signalled a shift in how research may be perceived, facilitated and shared. Through challenging attitudes towards traditional and current research methods in Ethnomusicology, focusing on issues relating to dissemination, and by examining how fieldwork can be shared using computational methods, I will explore the extent to which repatriation cycles and public domain dissemination affect research methods and how changes come about in a digital context.

University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida – Hackathon Participation – Biodiversity Specimen Label Transcription: Crowdsourcing Hackathon

Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland – Data Visualisation and Digital Art (Learning how to evaluate between digital humanities tools and to further explore those relevant to research needs. Linked Open Data, Google Refine, CartoDB)