Here are some of the activities I have been involved with over the past five years.

Conference Presentations

Digital Humanities research seminar, King’s College, London

The Song Collectors Collective conference, London

“Ethnomusicology in the Digital Age”, Queens University, Belfast

2013 – Workshops
Biodiversity Specimen Label Transcription Hackathon: Crowdsourcing Hackathon
University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

Data Visualisation and Digital Art (Queens University, Belfast)
Learning how to evaluate between digital humanities tools and to further explore those relevant to research needs. Linked Open Data, Google Refine, CartoDB

Digital Arts and Humanities Wednesday Colloquium
(Mise Éire ‘I am Ireland’ – Re-imagining Ó Riada’s Compositions In a Digital World)
Music Research Seminar Series at Department of Music, University College Cork
(Mise Éire – Exploring the Manuscript Scores of Seán Ó Riada in Digital Form)
UCC Postgraduate Conference
(Mise Éire ‘I am Ireland’ – Re-imagining Ó Riada’s Compositions In a Digital World)

Digital Echoes Symposium 2015: Intangible and Performance-based Cultural Heritage (Coventry University, UK)
(Outside the Archival Box – Developing “Special” Digital Collections)
Ignite, Royal Irish Observatory
(Tracing Seán Ó Riada’s Projects)

Digital Material Conference at National University of Ireland, Galway
(Developing ‘Special’ Collections and New Forms of Narrative)

Requirements Engineering for Humanities Scholarship (QUB)
Exploring how to define a digital humanities project, how to be cognisant of the varied demands that might be placed on the digital project by users, and how to be capable of creating and delivering professional Project Case Documentation.
Applying Network Science to Humanities Resources (NUI, Galway)
Creating and understanding networks to the principles of graph theory (research seminar away day)

Virtual Heritage Network, Maynooth
(Tracing The Ó Riada’s Projects)

University College Cork
(Modelling the Ó Riada Interface)

UCC – (Building immersive interfaces for an individual of many hats)
Archives Unleashed: Web Archive Hackathon, University of Toronto, Canada

University College Cork – (Seán Ó Riada – The Hidden Narratives)
Selected to present at the “27th Media Ecology Conference”, Bologna, Italy

Dataset creation – development of 5 separate excel files containing letters, a cataloguing of scores, life events, a projects list, and the Ó Riada book library.

Database Design and Entry- translating the requirements from each excel file into separate database tables.
API creation – developed a web service for Ó Riada data in JSON format.

Javascript Framework tutorials

Interviews with key informants

Attended, “How to plan your PhD” workshop

Score digitisation – ongoing preparation with library